Clotilde D.Clotilde D. revolutionized Longwy in 2010 by creating the Geo collection. The exclusive use of black and white combined with gold and platinum, in this temple of color was a gamble. Her designs have immediately found an audience across the globe. So much so that much of Longwy collections are now available in black and white. Clotilde, while still favoring a certain geometry in her designs, also offers now more ethnic and colorful collections.

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Danillo CurettiDaniel, called Danillo Curetti, a young contemporary artist from Switzerland, managed to infuse a breath of fresh air to the Faïenceries Longwy. The fruitful collaboration lasted nearly six years before he left Longwy in November 1989 to found his own pottery company in Switzerland. He leaves behind a touch of Art Deco, as Curetti rules the matter and its design. He enjoys working on large solid areas and often uses the so-called colonial large balls vases ( boule coloniale), created in 1931, or large bowls (form 1643). His inexhaustible inspiration draws a broad audience, which sometimes confuses his pieces with designs from 1920-1930. His most famous designs include: “Paul et Virginie”, the Zodiac, which were designed for Ted Lapidus, Panthers, Tigers, “Normandy”, “The Eiffel Tower”, “Iceberg”, “Barbara”, “Femme au collier” …

He created shapes such as the “Boule Marylin”, by combining techniques such as enameling and trimmings. He revives Wall Lamps in the Art Deco style.

Danillo Curetti returned to Longwy in 1991, called back there by the Kostka family, the new owners of the Faience. He died prematurely in 1993 at the dawn of his fortieth birthday; his grave is in Toulon.

For 10 years, he inspired the secular modernism manufacture with his touch of Art Deco. His style was a nice alternative to traditional Japanese style inspired decorations (cf. books “passion and collections” Dominique Dreyfus). Curetti kept the public sensitive to his art, his creations are always appreciated and sought after. The editions of his boules coloniales (colonial ball vases) are often sold out. The Faïenceries continue to offer the works of new media on Curetti Flo boules, boules Midi or the new collection “Curettirecoloré” (Curetti re-colored) in black, white, gold, and platinum. All works are Limited Editions and bear his signature.

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FEL-webDesign by Faiencerie et Emaux de Longwy. 

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Jean BoggioJean Boggio has an unusual career in jewelry. His universe is based on fairy tales and legends that characterized his childhood, a Baroque style where each creation is like a little rhyme or fairytale. This trained Lyon jeweler, was only 18 years old when he signed his first pieces for Ted Lapidus. Opening his own studio in 1984, he began to develop such monumental rings, little mysterious universes of their own, which gradually led him to be interested in the decorative arts. Very soon his childhood drawings, reviewed and corrected in adulthood, are noticed by greats such as Baccarat, Chopard tableware or Haviland. More recently, the brand Le Bourget turned to him to design a new pantyhose series, a novelty that is very fun to make, using the themes “Puss in Boots” and “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Today Jean Boggio has returned to his first love: the jewel and his fantasy world.

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MathiasMathias, man of sentiments, self-taught artist, is known for his stunning, airy and refined glass works. Sensations combining sensitivity and sensuality. In 1972, he opened “Création Mathias”, 117, rue de Charenton in Paris near the Faubourg Saint Antoine. Mathias designs, manufactures and sells mirrors, lamps, furniture mirror glass and costume jewelry. Ten years later, the furniture fairs open its doors to creators, where he could express himself next to Philippe Stark, Y. Halard, J. Prisca and G. Derain…The creations, based on his aesthetic research are exhibited successfully in Japan and the United States. In addition to his own company, Mathias diversifies his activities which lead to the discovery of various new materials such as faience, glass, tin bronze, plaster, wax, ceramics, silver plated metal, lacquer and crystal. These models will be developed in partnership with manufacturers including Daum, the Laqueur Factory or Berger lamps. In 1996, Mathias mets with Baccarat and received free reign to design ten exceptional limited edition pieces. Exhibitions in Paris, New York, Palm Beach, Turin and Tokyo follow and his creations were purchased by collectors around the world. The beginning of a beautiful love story… After three years of painstaking research, the chandelier “Mille Nuits” (A Thousand Nights), prepared for the manufacturer Baccarat, is a true revolution: for the first time chandeliers are fitted with low voltage to highlight the beauty of the crystal prisms. A wide range of lighting and art of table objects follow.

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Nicolas BlandinAfter classical and atypical studies, ranging from communication to fashion, through theater and education, Nicolas Blandin decided in 2007 to devote himself to his passion: designing decorative objects and furniture.
By making a 180 ° turn, as he likes to say, just living life and finally feeling in place, this autodidact, who is heavily influenced by Art Deco and 40s, seeks to tell stories and to awaken the imagination of the beholder with his unique creations.

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NIcolas De WaelNicolas De Waël, who is passionate about jewelry and fashion, has always been drawing and creating. He received his education at the jeweler’s craft chamber and in the studios Fleuri Delaporte in Paris, where he supported Alexis Lahellec in the creation of jewelry. His encounter with the company Fondica in 1995 allowed him to design his own first objects and lamps. Since then, he designs product collections for different manufacturers. Thinking, dreaming, telling a story: his creations reflect his imagination. The wind, the color, the scent of a flower captured …. these little things, the poetry of the environment underscore. Each piece refers to a happy moment of personal history.

Since 2006, these collections are created under his own name.

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Mathilde CarronAs a child, Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte grew up in a house filled with antiques collected by her parents. A stay at Villa Medicis, along with her father Pierre, helped her discover Italian baroque and popular Roman crafts. Later on, an encounter with Georges Jeanclos determined her future. She joined his workshop and he taught her the art of clay: sculpting, modeling, stamping, patinas… At the same time, she studied drawing at the Ecole des Beaux Arts Paris and received the David Weill Price for Drawing from the Academia of Beaux Arts. She graduated in 1989 and began showing her works in different galleries. She then created the brand Astier de Villatte, along with her brother Jean-Baptiste, introducing black clay pieces. Success was immediate and the workshop, thanks to its 15 craftsmen, produced more than 400 different models over the years. Mathilde left Astier de Villatte in 2005 to start her own studio.

She presents her works through different shows and at the same time works as a designer for numerous brands, not only for tableware but also for decoration and garden.

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Valerie BrandBorn in Evian-les-Bains in 1969, Valerie Brand has been a self-taught painter for the last twenty years. Her inspiration is most often associated with the inner life of the senses, emotions, and the unknown. The assembly of colorful and contrasting forms of the Zoom series is a kind of access code, the puzzle consists of shapes that fit together to create the feeling of a door opening up inside. This Zoom collection for Emaux de Longwy has motivated the artist to paint other volumes, pottery, wood models.

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